Where can you see and try on these jewelry?

Most of the designs can be seen and touched in our showroom in Kyiv (Kozhumyatska St., 12g, Osobnyak, 2nd floor, every day from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) some objects are available in Conceptica partner stores in Kyiv, Utopia8 in Kharkiv, Slash Dot Dash in Odessa

I want to order a modification for myself

Perfectly! We provide a wide range of possibilities for modification: lengths, metals, stones, engraving. Some designs require an individual approach. Exchange conditions do not apply to customized jewelry

Completely individual jewelry

One of our main directions is the development of individual unique objects. Each such project is discussed individually, the terms and cost depend on the design, materials and the number of specialists involved

Where is it made and from what materials?

It is made in Kyiv and Kharkiv by craftsmen with vast experience. For special projects, we even involve foreign specialists. Most often, we use the classic silver alloy (silver + copper), but we can make it individually from almost any alloy

How durable is this jewelry?

The lifespan of jewelry depends on the material from which it is made, on how it is worn and how it is stored.

For example, silver is a rather soft and sensitive metal that requires careful handling. We often rhodium-plated jewelry to prevent tarnishing, but sometimes patina is a natural attribute of jewelry aging.

Jewelry made of gold and platinum is more resistant to everyday wear, but still requires careful treatment (especially jewelry with stones).

Repair and service

For our customers, we provide cleaning and repair of jewelry at cost, paying only for the work of the craftsman and transportation costs.

Corporate orders

We regularly make both individual objects and large editions for other companies, but we do not participate in tenders.

I want to work with you

We are always happy to cooperate with interesting people. Contact us in any convenient way to discuss the details.

I have a complaint or suggestion

We understand how much banal aspects can spoil the mood. If we can help you or you know how to help us, write to us in any of the social networks or any of the messengers.

What is Côte & Jeunot?

Cat and Raccoon is our brand, in which we produce lighter and trendy jewelry lines. Some of the objects were originally part of Yastreb Jewelry, but later we separated these jewelry into a separate project.