War Flowers

Hoop earrings with pendants from the War Flower series

The earring model has puffy circles with a diameter of 33mm, and they have two pendants from the War flowers series. The price is for this set. You can pick up and order any such set, or earrings with one pendant.

The flowers of war are the remnants of rockets of the “Grad” and “Hurricane” multiple launch rocket systems, which were fired at Kharkov, its residential areas. Flowers that 22 brought us.

Can be scaled to any size for an individual order within 10-12 business days. Earrings are white rhodium plated, pendants can be black plated on request. Approximate set weight 19 grams

11590.00 грн.

NB Individual engraving and inlay with small stones can be added to this product. Price on request

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